Bishop Haymon’s History.

Donald Eugene Haymon Sr. is the third son, and seventh child of the second marriage of pioneer pastor, William Cullen Haymon Sr. He was born January 12, 1937 in Provencal, LA. While maintaining the pastorate in Provencal, his father moved his family to Shreveport, LA in 1943. There he founded his twelfth and final church, now Kings Temple United Pentecostal Church. The sudden death of his father in 1947 catapulted ten-year old Donald and his family into yet another church planting experience. Under the leadership of Pastor Lewis E. Manuwal, they assisted in establishing the United Pentecostal Church in Sunbury, PA.

Called to the Ministry.

Through a series of circumstances, the musically talented family was sought out to help start yet another church, this time in Colorado. The venture was unsuccessful, leaving nineteen-year old Donald and his family the alternative to start a church on their own-with the hope of obtaining a pastor-or of returning to their native Southland With his mother’s encouragement and at his side, he inquired about the rental of a vacant, free-standing store building in Denver. It was secured with the option for later purchase. Services were begun in mid-September, 1956. The charter members consisted of his family and one other person.

A number of pastors were sought. Among them, his former pastor, Lewis Manuwal, upon his return from missionary service in Hawaii. None felt the burden. At the beginning, Donald and his brother, two years older than him, alternately preached and conducted the services. Shortly, his brother would fulfill his longtime desire to attend Bible College; he moved to Portland, OR and enrolled at Conqueror’s Bible College.

The idea of searching for a pastor faded quickly as the express and token blessings of God settled upon Donald’s ministry. That was in 1956. Today, reflecting his vision and lifetime of service, the stately Calvary Apostolic Church stands as an imposing monument for the cause of Jesus Christ in Denver, CO.

Looking Back.

For the mentoring and loyal support received from his mother, the late Eula Pearl (Willis) Haymon, he lovingly offers the credit for any success he may have enjoyed. “She displayed incredible strength after she was widowed at a relatively young age,” he said, “Especially, as she was left with eight children at home-all of whom were reared in active service for the Lord.”

After having served as a single pastor for nearly five years, Donald married Janice (Burton) Cottongim, August 2, 1961. They have one son, four daughters, and eleven grandchildren. Elder & Sis. Haymon and Jana live in Parker, CO. Serving now as senior pastor, he enjoys his son’s ministry as Calvary Apostolic Church continues to flourish–that is, when he and his lovely wife are not traveling, enjoying visits with old friends and making new ones, or simply gone fishin’.