Carson Odden

coddenIn December, Carson got a disturbing rash so I took him to his pediatrician’s office and saw the PA. The PA told me it was warts and referred me to the children’s hospital dermatology office. Two weeks later (that is when they could get me in) I saw the dermatologist who told me, the rash wasn’t warts, but a form of strep and put Carson on amoxicillin. After one week of being on amoxicillin, the rash was only getting worse. I took him back to the pediatrician’s office and saw the actual doctor. He took a look at Carson and said yes, it’s strep and proceeded to put him on another antibiotic.

Switching antibiotics and seeing no change went on for several weeks. The doctor finally consulted the infectious disease doctors because he was stumped. They then put Carson on another series of antibiotics. Carson was on 9 antibiotics total since December and they all lasted for at least one to two weeks at a time before switching to a new one.

On Saturday, February 28th, I noticed that the rash was coming back in full force (for about a week it had appeared to be clearing up.) I called the doctor and he told me too keep him on all antibiotics until Tuesday, March 3rd and if it wasn’t gone we would begin a series of shots. Twenty-one in total for one week to kill the infection and boost the immune system.

Sunday, March, 1st, Carson was anointed with oil and the church prayed.  On Monday, March 2, I decided to consult a different Pediatrician’s office altogether for a 2nd opinion. I took him in on Monday, the doctor cultured Carson and there was no strep! He told me to stop all antibiotics immediately! The rash is clearing up and Carson is almost 100% better!

I give all the praise and glory to God for keeping my baby from having to go through a whole series of painful shots!  I am also thanking God that Carson had a sweet disposition the whole time in spite of having to be on so much medication (some of which made him extremely sick to his stomach) for almost three months! You would never have known he was sick just by looking at him. I thank God for keeping His hand on Carson and for healing him!

Praise be to God!
Mindy Odden