Dylan Dickson

d-dicksonGreetings to you all,

On May 22, 2009 we were on a family vacation in Maui. It was then we discovered Dylan’s allergy to coconuts.  His known allergies are eggs and peanuts.  Just a brief history: peanuts and tree nuts are different, but if you are allergic to one there is a possibility you may have a reaction to others.  Dylan has had pistachios, almonds, and walnuts without any reaction, so we didn’t think much about him having coconut ice cream.

My dad was holding Dylan on his shoulders while he was sharing his ice cream, and immediately Dylan started scratching at the back of his legs. We didn’t pay much attention at that time, because Dylan has dry spots behind the knees that he’ll scratch on occasion. By the time we got to the car we noticed hives all around Dylan’s mouth, and from his neck all the way down to his legs. His ears were bright red as well. We had a 30 minute car ride back to Kihei with no stops available along the way.

In the meantime, Dylan was getting worse. He started to cough, which then turned to wheezing.  My worst fear was that his throat would close up. He was itching uncontrollably, and crying for help. My brother Anthony, sister-in-law Tracy, and I laid hands on Dylan and began to pray. My husband was also praying with us. The minute we started to pray an instant calm came over Dylan’s body, and there was no more crying or itching. He was so calm his eyes started to get heavy, and he wanted to go to sleep. I wanted to keep him engaged, so we sang some of his favorites tunes: One One One, This Little Light of Mine, Jesus is the God We Serve (What a Mighty God we Serve) and others.

We made it back to the condo, and immediately gave him some Benadryl. I phoned Kaiser and found out there was a clinic about ten minutes from where we were. They gave him a steroid shot, and gave us a six day oral steroid, which we only had to give him for a day and a half.  Praise God!

God’s immediate answer to our prayers was a miracle, and my husband got to see firsthand how our “On Time God” works! I give God all the glory!

-Madalena M. Dickson