Joan Knott

jknottCancer For The Glory Of God:

11/18/08 Diagnosed with Cancer
04/30/09 Cancer Free!

This testimony is written for the glory of God. My God is an awesome God and I want you to know Him as I do! It is not my nature to write such personal things about myself but He deserves all of the credit for the miracles He has performed in my life.

I was having a miserable time with some physical problems.  Things were happening in my body that I could not control or understand.  My primary physician did not seem concerned or suggest I see a specialist even though she knew, for at least seven months, that I had blood in the urine.  She treated me for bladder infections and later told me the tests did not show I had a bladder infection.  I did not know that blood in the urine could be a sign of cancer.

I thought, “Maybe these problems are what happen when you get older,” over sixty.  I had prayed about my symptoms and had been anointed with oil and prayed for by the ministry.  We know that the Bible proclaims, “…If we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us” (I John 5:14).  God doesn’t always show us why the answer doesn’t come or why it is not “His will,” but I now believe that my cancer was for “the glory of God.”  I really could not see that at first, but if God had healed me when I first asked Him to, I would not have known that I had cancer.  I would not have this testimony of God’s healing power to share with you today.

When I realized this was not just “old age,” I made an appointment to see a urologist, Dr. Diane Hartman, to find out what was wrong.  I thought, “She will give me some medication that will fix the problems.”  That was the day, November 18, 2008, when I found out I had bladder cancer.  What a shock!  I truly was not expecting that nor was I prepared for it.  Following the exam, Dr. Hartman told me of the numerous tumors in my bladder.  I asked how many tumors she saw.  She said there were too many to count.  I had clusters of tumors, literally tumors on top of tumors.  It affected about one-fourth of my bladder.  A CAT scan further verified the cancer.

After finding out I had cancer, of course, my first place to go was to God.  He knows our every need.  He is the only One who could heal my body.  He, alone, completely understood how I felt!  The Lord has given some doctors great abilities.  We live in a marvelous age when doctors have learned extraordinary things by using the abilities God has given them.  The doctors do what they can for us, but only God can heal.  When I found out the seriousness of my sickness, I traded my unconcerned primary doctor for another primary care physician, Dr. Linda Davis, who is a wonderful, down-to-business doctor who has helped me a lot.

It was very hard to tell my family that I had cancer.  I did not want to hurt them, but they had to know.  I also requested prayer from Pastor D.E. Haymon II and Bishop D.E. Haymon.  I have a wonderful church family, Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver, 5900 E. Yale Ave., Denver CO 80222, who began to pray for me.  Many friends from church have told me that they pray for me every day.  I am so blessed to have praying friends and family.  I am impressed and so thankful for the support I have received from both my family and church family.  There were others, also, in other states, which prayed for me as well.

December 3, 2008, Dr. Hartman removed the clusters of tumors and performed biopsies.  The pathology report of the tumors and biopsies showed my cancer was as my doctor said, “unfortunately high grade,” meaning, “aggressive.”  Due to the misdiagnosis from my previous primary care physician, the cancer had aggressively grown for at least seven months.  It had passed through the wall of my bladder and invaded the subepithelial connective tissue, the second layer of bladder tissue.

Five weeks later, January 6, 2009, after giving my bladder time to heal from the first surgery, Dr. Hartman did more biopsies.  It was important to know how deep the cancer had spread and whether it had invaded into the muscle tissue, which is the next layer of bladder tissue.  When the doctor performed the biopsies, she also removed another small tumor.  Dr. Hartman thought that she may have missed that one the first time, or it could have been a new one.

Pathology reports of the second surgery also showed high grade cancer. Thank the Lord there was no evidence of invasion into the muscle. The doctor said that if there had been cancer in the muscle, the only way to keep it from spreading to other parts of the body would have been to remove the bladder. Of course we know that God is not limited and could have healed the bladder muscle, if He so desired. Dr. Hartman mentioned the possibility of bladder removal more than once. I think she was trying to prepare me for the worst.

After healing from the second surgery, I had weekly treatments for the next six weeks. The treatments were installations of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG), which were administered by the doctor. Following the series of weekly treatments, I had a period of about six weeks for my bladder to heal from the treatments. I thank God that I did not have to have any chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

April 30, 2009, I went back to the doctor for a check up. Dr. Hartman asked how my bladder was doing. I said, “I feel healed!” It was true. For weeks I did not have any of the symptoms that I had before the removal of the tumors. There was no bleeding, etc. (we won’t go into that “etc.”). My bladder was finally working like it ought to work. The doctor looked at the bladder.  I know she was amazed. Dr. Hartman recalled the first time she saw my bladder and how bad it was. Then she said, “Your bladder looks fantastic! I definitely did not see anything that looks like cancer. No areas of redness, so I’m really encouraged by that.” Oh what a faithful God we serve!

Dr. Hartman also sent my urine to the lab to see if any of the microscopic cells that slough off the bladder wall as a normal occurrence contained any abnormal cells or any abnormal DNA in the cells. “If we find anything abnormal, we should do some more biopsies,” she said.  When she called me on May 6, 2009, Dr. Hartman said that the results of the urine tests were, “GREAT!”  There was nothing abnormal, but as a precaution, she wanted me to have another CAT scan, “just to be sure we are not missing anything.” I had the CAT scan two days later. I received a call from Dr. Hartman May 11, 2009, regarding the CAT scan. Her message was, “There is no sign of cancer in the kidneys or bladder.”  That is exactly what I expected to hear!

Even if the Lord had chosen not to heal me, I would still know that He is able to heal and that I must trust His decisions for my life. However, I have been blessed with this testimony of healing and He deserves all of the glory! I thank God for His great mercy and the stripes He bore for our healing, according to Isaiah 53:5, “…and with his stripes we are healed.” I thank God often, on a daily basis, for this miracle of healing and I want to thank all who have prayed for me and given me support during this difficult time of my life.

God bless you all!