Julie Carter

carter-testI am in tears of joy and gratitude to our wonderful, miracle working and amazing God. In mid March this year my older (by 2 years) sister Nancy called to let us know she had a lump removed from her arm pit and that it turned out to be cancer. She told us the site of origin for the cancer was unknown at that time. Further tests revealed it was ovarian cancer at stage 4, an advanced stage. There was good news in that none of her other major organs appeared to be involved, yet it is a very serious diagnosis. She was able to get appointments with cancer specialists in Bostonvery quickly.

I do not want to detract from the skill and expertise of these wonderful and caring people. I do honestly believe that their skill, wisdom and knowledge are gifts from God, and He blesses those who use their gifts for good. My sister had major surgery to remove the major organs involved and lymph nodes. There was one small tumor on her chest wall the surgeon was unable to remove.

Next comes the chemo therapy. Before starting the chemo therapy her cancer blood test was 313, more than 15 times higher than normal. After her first chemotherapy treatment her level dropped to 160ish. Everyone was surprised and well pleased with the result! After her second chemo treatment her blood test for ovarian cancer was 21…NORMAL!!! Praise the Lord God Almighty! Unheard of and amazing! How ecstatic we all are!

She has to suffer the effects of the treatments, the pain and nausea and extreme fatigue so the road is rough. Still the result of our prayer answering God’s miraculous hand on her is astounding the cancer specialists. We are continually reminded by the medical authorities of the very seriousness of her illness and the hide and seek game it plays with its victims.

My God is greater! I will shout from the streets to the mountain tops – GOD IS GREATER!!! There is nothing impossible with God. I wish to send heartfelt thanks to all who have been praying for Nancy’s complete healing of this cancer.

Thank you Jesus.