Levi Appenfelder


If you see me walking down the street, you will be seeing a miracle walk by.  If you hear me singing, you will be hearing the song of a miracle!

I had a major stroke at birth, which destroyed the portion of my brain that controls speech and some motor skills (My parents were told that a stroke this size would have killed an adult).  Doctors gave no hope to my parents when they told them that their son would never walk or talk.  Despite the hopeless situation, my parents never gave up.

Even God uses tools to help Him perform miracles.  The Shriners Hospitals Organization was a tool in the hands of a loving God.  These hospitals performed many leg, arm, and jaw surgeries, which would help improve my life.  These surgeries included two Achilles tendon lengthenings, which would give me the chance to walk.  After many surgeries, many years of therapy, and by the mercy of God, I am now walking.  I went from braces that went up my leg to a brace that fits in my shoe.

God has also blessed me with the ability to talk. Testifying is a testimony in itself. I have been able to give college speeches, despite the fact that I was not supposed to talk at all.    My miracle goes beyond my legs and speech.  The doctors did a test when I was a baby to measure the amount of heart growth hormones.  My counts were so low; they fell well below the normal range of hormone levels.  Once prayer was sent up for me, my hormone levels increased to within the normal range!  Doctors said I would never reach 5’ in height.  Now, I am proud to stand at 5’8”!

The greatest miracle, however, is found in my brain.  Until I was 10, having a seizure was normal.  Because of my stroke, seizures were a side effect.  I am now 11 years free from seizures!  The wonder of it all is that my ability to walk, my ability to talk, my normal growth, and my seizure-free life, are all run by two-thirds of the brain.  One-third of my brain is missing!

Through God’s mighty hand, I can stand as a testimony of what God has done.  Despite what the doctors said I would never do, God performed the miraculous, and helped me achieve the impossible.  I am the miracle that defies the impossible, by God’s grace!