Mile High Conference of Prayer, Praise and Evangelism 2009

Held July 29-31, 2009

2009’s conference was indeed all about prayer, praise and evangelism. What a spiritually uplifting experience! Each speaker seemed to build upon the other and presented messages directly from the heart. We heard such esteemed speakers as Rev. Crawford Coon, Rev. Ron Libby, Rev. Martyn Ballestero and Rev. Timothy Spell – and for the first time we heard from a layman, Bro. Galen Walters, in his teachings on Leadership Success. What a wonderful blessing they were. The depth of knowledge, experience and earnestness was deeply felt by one and all. Add to that the musical talent of Bro. Larry Carter and Rev. Timothy Spell as they lead the CAC Choir and congregation in worship and you have a worship experience not soon forgotten.

We encourage you to listen and re-listen to these excellent messages below, or go to our audio/video archive and download the MP3 files for yourself.


Wednesday, July 29th

Rev. Timothy Spell
11AM | Serving God From The Heart
We should strive to serve God wholeheartedly.

Rev. Terry Black
Memphis, TN | 12PM

Rev. Ron Libby
Gaithersburg, MD | 7PM

Thursday July 28th

Rev. Tony Spell
Baton Rouge, LA | 11AM

Rev. C. Myles Young
Sacramento, CA | 12PM

Rev. Martyn Ballestero
South Bend, IN | 7PM

Friday, July 29th

Rev. Steve Pixler
Fort Worth, TX | 11AM

Rev. Ron Libby
Gaithersburg, MD | 12PM

Rev. Terry Black
Memphis, TN | 7PM

*Speakers Schedule subject to change without notice.