Sandy Ortel

s-ortelI want to praise the Lord and thank Him for what He has done for me! I had cancer and He has healed me! For over a year I knew something was going on in my body, I would pray and God would reassure me that He would take care of everything.

When I started having trouble breathing I went to a doctor and found out that I had cancer, which had spread from my left breast to my right breast, lungs, lymph nodes, liver, bones, and skin. The reason I was having trouble breathing was because my lungs were filling with fluid and I couldn’t take a deep breath.

I was admitted to the hospital in April 2008 because of my lungs. The nurses were very surprised I did not have any pain.  Praise the Lord, I never suffered with pain because of the cancer! After a few days I went home with oxygen.

About a month later I was back in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe, even with the help of oxygen. As soon as my lungs were drained, by a physician, they would fill up again. Tubes were put into my lungs, which allowed the fluid to be drained externally. While in the hospital, I started chemo treatments (one IV and one oral). I thank God that throughout all of this, I had complete peace about the whole situation. I knew He was in control and He had promised me everything would be alright.

The first pet/cat scan taken in May showed cancer from my thighs to my neck. The second pet/cat scan taken in August showed almost all of the cancer gone! Praise the Lord! By November, the pet/cat scan showed virtually no cancer left! The only problem I still had was that the lesions in my lungs had not healed, so there was still fluid to be drained from them (though the amount of fluid was substantially less).

In December 2008, the left lung healed and the tube was removed. In March 2009, the right lung not only healed, it was perfectly normal! This is a miracle because it had collapsed in the hospital and we were told it probably would not re-expand to its original size. Thank you Jesus!

I want to give God all the glory; He gave the doctors and technicians the wisdom to invent the medicines used to treat cancer. He has given my physicians the wisdom to know how to treat me. He helped my body to respond so well to the treatments. He has given me a fantastic husband, Tim, who was there for me every step of the way, and faithfully drained my lungs when needed (which at first was every day). He provided me with my church family, all of whom are very special to me. He gave me two wonderful Pastors and their wives to support and pray for me.

The congregation (my spiritual brothers and sisters) faithfully prayed, provided meals and support which helped me through this time in my life. God also gave me two special families, the one I was born into and the one I married into. They were there to take me to doctor’s and hospital appointments, when Tim could not get off work, made phone calls, sent books for me to read and saw their prayers answered by a faithful, loving God. He also gave me friends from Hallmark, who provided meals and phone calls.

I don’t know how anyone could go through something like this without God there beside them all the time, like He has been with me. He has never left me alone, I know, because I never would have been strong enough to have gone through this on my own. I love Him, and thank Him all the time for the awesome God that He is. If you don’t know Him I would love to tell you all about Him.