Our Burden.

It is our privilege and desire to instill in the youngest group of children in the Sunday School Department, an introduction to Who God is. He is our Creator, He is our Protector, and He is our Savior. As the first Sunday School class that many children will experience, we want to instill in them an enthusiastic, “I get to go to Sunday School!” in the hopes that their parents will join them soon, if not already.

Our Mission.

Through songs, Bible lessons, object lessons, and play we attempt to guide the children in the knowledge that God cares about them, no matter what background they have. In many ways we are privileged to be the first to have the opportunity to plant the seed of faith in their tender, rich hearts. With the hope that others to follow will water and feed, we believe God will bring forth the fruits! Please feel welcome to bring your child to our class, s/he will be loved and you will be surprised at how much your child will learn about God and what a faithful friend He will be to them.

Our Classes.

  • 2-4 class
  • 5-7 class
  • 8-10 class
  • 11-13 class
  • High School

Recent Events: Vacation Bible Study 2013