Pastor Haymon’s History.

Pastor Donald Eugene Haymon II is the eldest child and only son of Bishop and Mrs. D.E. Haymon. At the tender age of 9, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost while praying with his parents at their bedside. As a teenager he surrendered his life to the burden and calling into the ministry.

Graduating from Calvary Apostolic Academy in 1983, he then graduated with honors from the University of Denver. His degree in Speech and Mass Communications further prepared him for his life’s calling. Having successfully served a prescribed internship under his father, he was ordained in 1986. Shortly after his marriage in 1992, Pastor Haymon served as his father’s full time assistant and leader of youth and outreach ministries. Besides his duties as pastor, he is also the principal of Calvary Apostolic Academy.

Pastor Haymon’s Family.

The parents of two sons and one daughter, Don III, Jared and DeLana, Pastor Haymon and his wife, LaRonda, live in Castle Rock, Colorado. As further proof of God’s blessing on Pastor Haymon’s life, Don III and Jared were baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost within a month, January/February, 2005.

Pastor Haymon’s Vision.

As the ‘Joshua’ to Bishop Haymon’s ‘Moses,’ Pastor Haymon is leading the church to higher heights and deeper depths in the Lord. God has truly blessed Calvary Apostolic Church with the BEST leadership any congregation could ever ask or hope for!

Pastor Haymon is very passionate about personally pleasing God, maintaining an orderly home, godly congregation and winning the lost in Denver, Colorado. Hence his statement, “We are Reaching UP to worship the One True God, Reaching OUT to supply the love of Jesus Christ, and Reaching IN to strengthen the community of faith” has become the church’s mission statement. Pastor Haymon’s outstanding pulpit ministry is proof of the God-directed life he lives.